Tech and Media Club : Trekking in Dublin

Its official.. We love Dublin. The ESADE Tech and Media club has just returned from a four-day trek to the capital of Ireland where we had our fill of Irish music, Guinness, and of course, all things tech!

Dublin continues its rise as an international, talent-rich tech hub where many of the world’s most impactful companies have chosen to set up shop – many as their primary point of presence in Europe. Our group of 35 students was warmly received by four of the biggest players – Dropbox, Facebook, Google and Salesforce – who shared insights on today’s tech landscape, spoke to their corporate growth strategies, and provided a glimpse of employee life in high-tech.

Day one kicked off with an early visit to Dropbox, where we learned about the Dropbox business model, the impacts of last year’s IPO, and the company’s plans for expansion – in particular, how Dropbox for Business will play a key role in the company’s plan to increase profitability. After seeing their on-site gym, nail salon, and free barista service, we’re ready to move in, and are filing a petition to change the name of meeting room 3D05 to Bocadillos.

The visit was followed by an equally warm reception at Google, where we heard the stories of three ESADE alums and their journeys within the company. Our host Antonio beautifully summed up Google’s dedication to do good by the world through innovation. With regards to a few moonshot projects he told us, “sometimes it’s not about building to sell, rather it’s about building to show what’s possible.”

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Ricardo Barcelona: Counter-intuitive approaches to low carbon economies: Portfolio, competition, and strategic flexibility

Next Monday February 11th at 13:45 the E&E Club together with the Finance and Consulting Club is inviting you to meet Mr. Ricardo Barcelona. He will deliver a talk on “Counter-intuitive approaches to low carbon economies:  Portfolio, competition, and strategic flexibility”.

Ricardo Barcelona has more than 25 years of experience spanning financial services and advisory, energy industry, and academia. In each industry, building on his investment banking experience as top-rated equity analyst and corporate adviser, he has taken various senior executive roles and has successfully executed complex gas infrastructure projects, and mergers and acquisitions deals globally.

He holds a PhD in management from King’s College, London and an MBA from IESE Business School. His latest book, “Energy Investments: An adaptive approach to profiting from uncertainties” was published in 2017 by Palgrave Macmillan.

This will be a 1-hour session that will end with a Q&A. Please submit your questions in advance via the below link:

Date, Time & Location: 11th of February, 13:45 @e-Garage

Looking forward to seeing you there,

The E&E Club

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Happy new year from MBASA2020

A few words from MBASA 2020 President:

Our MBA Class set off with the wind for a well-deserved holiday. Some us used this time to explore the festive side of Barcelona. Others traveled to spend time with family and loved ones. Many adventured to see parts of the world new to them. And perhaps most of us set time to complete a pre-read, case analysis, job application, or review of accounting 😉

Whichever way you spent your break, MBASA hopes you were able to relax and rejuvenate, and are ready to take on Term 2!

The mark of a new year is, for some, a time to reflect on the recent past and set personal resolutions to reach an aspiration in the coming year. I’m not someone who waits until New Year’s for this type of stuff, yet the timing was perfect to pause and think back on Term 1, rightly labeled as Awareness. The ESADE MBA has exposed us to much opportunity and challenge. It certainly has advanced my knowledge of myself and the world around me. I am armed with a greater perspective, and I hope you are, too.

In 2019, I wish the best to each of you in the pursuit of your aspirations. Continue to build on your strengths, while nurturing complementary skills. Focus even more on activities that matter most to you. Step into arenas that make you uncomfortable. Surround yourself with those who push you harder. Take setbacks and disappointments as necessary points in the journey. Create the path that is right for you. And, please, don’t forget to enjoy the present, and make cherished memories.

On behalf of your MBASA Board Representatives, I wish you a Happy New Year, and extend a warm welcome back as we set off on Term 2 together.

Mandeep Jangi

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Asia Business Club Visits Nissan Motor Ibérica

The ESADE ASIA BUSINESS CLUB is delighted to announce the possibility to visit Nissan Motor Ibérica.

When: Tuesday, 12. June 2018 (9am – 1pm)
Available places: 25 (first come first served)
Costs: EUR 11 (to cover bus fees)
Please see important remarks regarding the simultaneously ongoing master project in the sign-up google sheet.

Please sign up here:

1. Corporate presentation of Nissan Industrial and Commercial Operations
2. Visit and detailed explanation of Nissan’s facilities (Body-shop and T&C shop)
3. Q&A and networking session

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Presentation by Nekko Capital

On 23rd May, the Finance and Entrepreneurship Clubs welcomed Ernest Sánchez from Nekko Capital. He presented on the profile of his fund, the current state of venture capital, and provided insight into the industry. Thank you to Nekko Capital for coming and sharing your wisdom with us!

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Asia Business Club: Upcoming Events

The Asia Business Club is pleased to inform you about the exciting upcoming events:

Delicious Chinese Dinner
When:                Friday, 18 May 2018 at 9.30pm
Where:               Cuina Deu (Muntaner 10)
Capacity:           15 people (first come first served)
Price:                 EUR 20.00 (please pay upfront)
Included:          2 appetizers, 5 main dishes & 4 drinks

Payment:           ES17 0081 0053 5300 0245 3052 (Yuri Kono)


When:                Tuesday, 12 June 2018 from 10am-12pm
Capacity:           25 people (first come first served)
Price:                 tba, we will organize a bus

Please save the date and stay tuned for some more information on that event!

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ESADE at VCIC Europe:South 2018 at INSEAD

Over the weekend of March 16-18, our ESADE VCIC team made the journey to INSEAD (Fontainebleau, FR) to compete in the regional championships for Southern Europe for the VCIC. They faced off against: Cranfield School of Management, IESE Business School, London Business School, SDA Bocconi, and the Otto Beisheim School of Management. After two days of researching, due diligence sessions, and a presentation before a panel of judges, our ESADE team entered the final round of the competition with the highest score out of all the teams! The final round consisted of a negotiation with an entrepreneur. Both IESE and ESADE reached this stage, but ESADE came out on top, winning the nomination for the team that will represent southern Europe in the global finals to take place on April 6-7 at UNC Chapel Hill. We are so excited for you guys! Best of luck in the finals Christine R., Jennifer O., Brynjar H., Hassan B., and Tom B.!

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Alexandre Cabaret – Associate Director at Devex – was invited by the Net Impact Club to speak to students about Devex, his role in the firm, and opportunities in the global development sector. Mr. Cabaret shared insights on the projects he’s been involved in, job opportunities and skills required to enter the development field. Students also learned about opportunities at Devex, which spanned between sales, media, product development, and technology. To learn more about Devex (a social enterprise and a media platform for the global development community), find more on and

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Talk with Improbable

On Monday February 26, members of the Tech and Media Club welcomed the British tech company, Improbable, and discussed the future of virtual worlds.

“A thoroughly enjoyable and immensely thought provoking event. The Improbable virtual worlds solution has the potential to completely disrupt predictive analytics as we know it. My mind is whirring with all the possibilities this technology unlocks. ”

-Tom Buchan (FT MBA Co19)

“Improbable are a massively exciting company building virtual worlds to predict the future. We were so pleased to have them come and speak to us during MWC. Apart from what they’re doing being fascinating, it was brilliant hearing about the evolution of a company from startup to getting $500m in funding from SoftBank last year.”

-Fred Gifford (FT MBA Co19)

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Seat Visit in Martorell

Members of the Tech and Media Club and Operations Club had the opportunity to visit the Seat Factory in Martorell during the first week of February. In this event students learned how the assembly line works at Seat.

”We had the opportunity to see the beginning and the end of the production line for several Seat models. Technology was a constant during our visit and we loved to see how it improved the processes.”

-Valentina Vargas (FT MBA Co19)

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Venture Capital Investment Competition

On Monday February 19th, the Finance Club held its internal venture capital investment competition to determine which team would represent ESADE at the European (south) regional final at INSEAD on March 17. Teams were given presentation decks for three start-up opportunities and had to choose one to invest in and in what amount. They then all presented in front of a panel of judges consisting of experts in venture capital and business angels.

Congratulations to the winning team — Hassan B., Christine R., Jennifer O., and Brynjar H.

Stay tuned for an update on the regionals!

For more information about the VCIC, please visit:


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DCF Modeling Workshop

This past weekend, the Finance Club hosted a DCF Modeling workshop to help MBA students prepare for the Corporate Finance final project. Our VP of Education, Ahmed Abbassi, led students through a detailed discounted cash flow model and everyone snacked on some home baked cookies. The Finance Club reiterates its commitment to spreading knowledge of finance to all students and we look forward to hosting more events in the future.

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Acceleration of entrepreneurship – 2018 starts the ignition

We’ve started 2018 by diving into the world of entrepreneurship within ESADE, Barcelona, and the world at large!

Here’s a snapshot of what we were up to —

In the beginning of the month we partnered with E-Works on an event about How to get started. Here we engaged in a lively conversation with the founders of Revolut (fintech), Meltin’ Barcelona (events), and Spitche (Digital Marketing) and heard about how you have to #justdoit and be willing to make mistakes (and learn from them :)) to build a successful business.

“How to get started” is the first segment of our Entrepreneurship Club Startup Series, which follows the process of what it takes to launch and manage a growing (or not so growing) startup.

We also got our hands dirty in a joint event with the Consulting Club where, Enrico, the co-founder of a young SAS company, shared a current challenge: how to best monetize the platform. Teams analyzed this challenge and came up with innovative solutions.  They will present to him and ESADE faculty members later in February.

We also learned so-many-things VC from Entrepreneurship Club Board member Vicente Juliá Obarti during an event on the The Basics of VC. Recording of the session will be posted on our facebook soon!

Finally, the founder of DriveMe Barcelona visited us to give a talk on how he turned his passion for cars into a full on company! And a few students even got do drive their fancy cars! This was a joint event with the Operations Club.

E-Club members also attended a number of exciting community events, including the Barcelona Talent Night where we heard from successful startups, such as TypeForm and Red Points, and prominent European VC. #growyournetwork #engage

Check out our facebook for upcoming events, pics, announcements, recommended resources, and more!

(Latest announcement: Club trek this year will be to London!! And we’ll be partnering with the Design & Innovation Club to line up some exciting company visits. Stay tuned for more details!!)

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Asia Business Club: Exchange in Japan, South Korea and Singapore

After the successful gathering in January, the Asia Business Club once again organized an info event about our partner schools in Asia.

The event was organized via Skype and gave ESADEans the chance to clarify questions, such as which electives they should take, how they can look for job opportunities while being on exchange, and what the best way is to find a flat.

We would like to thank the following speakers:
Keisuke from Keio (Japan)
Daniel from Hitotsubashi (Japan)
Soyoung from Yonsei (South Korea)
Masaru from NUS (Singapore)
Lucy and Jaey from ESADE

Please reach out to us, should you have any remaining questions. We look forward to helping you!

You Asia Business Club

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Introducing the New Finance Club Board!

The Finance Club had its club kickoff on January 19th. Introductions were made and plans for the new year were announced. Among this year’s initiatives are: holding review sessions for finance courses, inviting local professionals to host trainings, and a trek to visit financial institutions in London.

In the meantime, we would like to introduce ourselves:

Our backgrounds cover all major areas of finance from investment banking to hedge funds and we are here to share our knowledge with you! We look forward to helping share our love of finance with the whole MBA cohort.

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Meet-up with Exchange Students from Asia

Last Wednesday, on January 24th, the Asia Business Club held its first official event of 2018. The idea was to bring together exchange students from Asia and ESADE students who intend to go on exchange at one of our partner schools across Asia.

Ultimately, about 30 students, including seven ESADE exchange students, were joining us at Ramen Dining YU for a delicious Japanese dinner and interesting talks about the exciting student life in Asia. Rumor has it, that even a few students from IESE couldn’t resist to join us that night.

We would like to express our gratitude to the various exchange students, who have joined us, be it from schools in Asia, Australia or the US.

We want to take this opportunity to make an important remark about our club:

As you might have heard, the Asia Business Club is now considered an “open club”, which means you can join the club, independent of how many other clubs you have already chosen. Please like us on Facebook “ESADE Asia Business Club” or contact one of the board members to get added to our Whatsapp group.

Stay tuned for more events and updates!

Your Asia Business Club!

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Fireside chat on female leadership

Last Monday we held a fireside chat with Tabitha Hayes, VP of Global Brand Management at Electronic Arts. In an informal setting, with pizzas and beers, Tabitha told us about her career in the super male-dominated field of video gaming, where <1% of senior positions are held by women. Undiscouraged by loneliness at the top, Tabitha made it her passion to develop talent in general, and female talent specifically. She explained to us what male and female leaders can do to advocate for women (e.g. in performance reviews) and to develop their talent (e.g. provide them with opportunities, tell other leaders about a woman’s talent and achievements).

Moreover, she talked about the importance of non-violent communication, implying that whenever someone is interrupted, or someone repeats someone else’s idea in their own words, a senior leader should point this out this behavior and call attention to it.  She does the same thing for mansplaining, or when she notices that people show an unconscious bias towards women in the hiring or performance processes.

Finally, Tabitha emphasized the power of the network. Working in a male-dominated industry, she has always been supported and benefited by female colleagues from other offices or companies, who face the same struggles and want to help each other. Her advice to women: be nice to each other, there are plenty of seats at the table! She also emphasized the importance of men being aware of these issues and supporting women, and she was very happy to see that our event’s attendants were 50-50% male/female!

A very inspiring leader from which we can learn a lot, thank you Tabitha!

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Breakfast with Chairwoman Johnson & Johnson LATAM Consumer Division

Winter time, Monday morning 8:00 AM – not our favorite meeting time in Barcelona. Nevertheless, more than 40 students gathered for a breakfast with Suzan Rivetti, Chairwoman of Johnson & Johnson LATAM’s Consumer Division!

Suzan told us about her 30+ years career, and the challenges she faced as a woman in Brazil, raising two young children while also building her career. She provided us with advice for our careers and our lives, each of them based on a personal story. Suzan emphasized the importance of finding the right company: a firm where you feel at home and have the potential to grow. Moreover, she told us it is important to stick to your values, even if those conflict with the company values or if you are afraid this could have a negative impact on your career. Suzan told us numerous stories where she stayed true to her values, and even left the company at some point because she did not feel respected, but finally it all turned out well and she came back.

We were very inspired, thank you Suzan!

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Movember auction: fundraising for men’s health & women’s education

Last november, the Women in Business Club and Movember crew organized an auction to raise funds for Movember (men’s health) and an ESADE Women in Business Scholarship!

MBA students and faculty offered products and services as diverse as a Japanese bento (lunch) box, Finance tutorialsyoga class, SQL training, or the opportunity to rent a dog for a day! All products were sold during an entertaining auction and we raised nearly €3,000, which is split 50-50% between Movember & the woman scholarship!

And next to the amazing amount we fundraised, the best part is that we get to know our classmates’ talents throughout the year!

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Participating in an exciting Solidarity Consulting Project of SUD

By: Masaaki Hamada (Class of 2017)

My internship experience in Solidarity Consulting Project of SUD was to work at Open Eyes Project, the small startup company in Delhi, for a month, and I especially worked on developing brand strategy and digital marketing strategy as well as creating a new tour category in the company, the wellness tourism. It cannot be simply explained how rich my experience in the project was because the everything I have experienced there was new and eye-opening for me. It was about living in a completely different place with a different culture, working at a small startup and social enterprise, and thinking about which skills and knowledges I could apply to this small business which is managed by only 2 staffs including the founder. Read the rest of this entry »

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