Why Barcelona?

I’ve decided to start this post by expressing my view of Barcelona, as I’ve been experiencing it so far.

The reason I’ve chosen ESADE (apart from its renowned MBA programme and ongoing reputation), is its location. I had given it a lot of thought of where would be the best place to settle for the next year or so, and Barcelona seemed the best.

Having lived and worked across North America and the Middle East, the occasion to fully experience Europe (rather than just simply visiting for a couple of weeks) was a hit for me.

Never having visited Spain before, but always hearing amazing comments, I’d decided to take the plunge and go for it.

Why Barcelona? I think that having the combination of professional (cosmopolitan and educational) and active outdoors (on the coast and next to the Pyrenees) lifestyles is important to fully enjoy and balance both aspects of your life simultaneously.

Since my arrival in August, let me tell you I haven’t been disappointed one bit!

Everything in Barcelona makes it worthwhile: from the small bistros and grocery shops around the corner, to the cool bars and unique restaurants in trendy spots.

A lot of things make Barcelona as unique as it is. Everybody knows its reputation for all of Gaudi’s masterpieces and all the regular info in guidebooks, but there’s much more to it. The best part of it is that the city has kept its identity and particularity.

What’s nice about living here is that even though you still have the exposure of international brands, the city manages to keep the individualistic aspect of having small independent stores, bars, and restaurants that makes it lovely to discover.

From the small clothing store around the corner street of you house that sells the appealing non-mass pieces, to the cutest restaurant with the best food ever and the cosiest atmosphere for a night out, that’s what makes the charm of the city.

It’s all about that unique personality of things here. Even the neighbourhood fiestas bring life to your intense MBA student weeks.

It’s only been a couple of months and with all the exposure and encounters, I can’t wait to discover much more!

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