A day at ESADE

07:00 am – James Brown wakes me up with “I feel good” on my alarm…well not so good! Time to get ready for the day!

07:57 am – After a proper breakfast while checking emails and the latest news on the net, I grab my stuff and head to school.

08:12 am – Daily coffee meeting with group and other classmates in the cafeteria up on floor 2 to catch up while skimming through the daily newspaper.

08:45 am – Head down into the classroom and get ready for the Marketing lecture! Our professor sure knows how to make the class interesting with his humour.

10:37 pm – 20 minutes of break. Second coffee of the day plus yummy “bocadillo”.

10:51 am – Back in class for the second half of the lecture. Discussion of the case study analysis we needed to prepare for the class.

01:05 pm – Class is over, got less than an hour to have lunch before spanish language class begins!

01:55 pm – Spanish class. We get the “unfortunate” news that we need to prepare a 15 minute individual presentation of a company for next class…IN SPANISH! PANIC!

03:30 pm – 15 minutes break during which we practice our “spanish skills” together with my classmates. The result doesn’t sound that spanish, but we perfectly manage to understand each other.

05:00 pm – Language class lecture over. Quick 10 minute meeting with my career advisor to go through my cover letter for the application I need to submit and then rush to group’s study room to discuss the accounting assignment for the next day.

05:25 pm – Haven’t reached an agreement yet on what the next step for our hypothetical company will be.

05:50 pm – Still no agreement. Everyone is so involved in using their persuasion skills to convince the rest of the group.

06:25 pm – After having analyzed about a million different situations, guess what, still haven’t agreed.

06:55 pm – ..and 30 seconds (we have a german in the group), we finally manage to agree, after totally changing what we agreed 20 min back, and to finalize our paper. A group mate tried to express a last minute opinion but didn’t get to finish his idea…his life was at risk.

07:00 pm – Consulting Club meeting. Today the two candidates for the Consulting Club President position are pitching in front of the club.

07:20 pm – The two candidates made it very hard for us to make a choice. They were both so passionate and serious about it. Case interview simulations follow for the rest of the meeting.

08:16 pm – Just got home. Eat a snack and hit the gym!

09:30 pm – Back from the gym, dead tired and starving, dinner time.

09:58 pm – Need to read the emails accumulated during the day and work on the Economics project for tomorrow’s group meeting

00:25 am – I’m crashing here… goodnight Barcelona.

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