ESADE Gastrofest

The ESADE Gastrofest is a festival where students of different nationalities get together and cook their country’s traditional dishes, make drinks and decorate a stand for the rest of us to enjoy. This year more than 25 different nationalities applied to participate, no wonder there was so much food, now the only question was, where to start?

I arrived at 8pm SHARP! Ready to be one of the first ones in and try all the international food.

I started with Venezuela where I had a mini arepa with chicken and then moved to Guatemala. They had very good food but, as a Mexican, I think it’s very similar to Mexican food…and how could I ever say its as good as Mexican?.

I then wondered off to Japan where my good friend Masa, his wife Yuco and Shin were preparing sushi rolls and tofu, mmm fresh sushi and great sake. The next stand was Brazil where I got some sort of rice and beans but I was not sure what exactly it was. If someone could help me out I would love to hear what exactly it was that I ate! I kept walking and then I found Mexico!! I rushed over to try those delicious tacos de mole con pollo, guacamole con totopos and great Palomas – a typical Mexican drink made from tequila and for lack of a better mixer, lemon Fanta. What can I say? Delicious food and obviously my favourite!

While I was still enjoying my last taco, Russia called my attention. Apparently, in this country you combine shots of vodka with food! I passed on the offer but my fiancé was happy to try out this combination and said it tasted great. I guess the vodka enhances the flavour, who knows… I am not a shot fan, I’d rather have some Sangria that my Spanish friends Javi and Alfonso made for their Spain stand.

I went over to a very popular table, India – I had some Palek Panner and a very spicy drink/soup but there was not much left when I got there, I guess this was the students pick and I agree, Indian food is up there with Mexican food. After India, I was done. I could not eat anymore but I do regret skipping Switzerland, Germany, US, UK and Canada.

Ok. So it was time to reach a decision… My top 3: Mexico, Middle East and India Judges’ Final Decision: Best Food: Japan Best Decoration: Mexico Best Drink: Peru Students Vote Best Food: India.

Finally, I was ready to go home and digest the whole world in my stomach!

Bring on the next ESADE Gastrofest!

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