Term 1 – Perspective change

When the programme first started in September, some of the pre-term courses were demanding and others were easier to handle.

But it’s through Term 1 that I’ve actually understood  how demanding (but rewarding as well) the programme actually is.

Between Finance, Economics, and Accounting your hands are full with project deadlines and group meetings. We still have one month to go before Term break and things keep on getting more loaded by the day.

What I’ve come to better conceptualize is the necessity to have two key qualities if I want to perform efficiently and meet requirements: 1- time management, and 2- consistency and organization.

There are so many things happening that not only do you have to prioritize, but most importantly you have to smartly organize yourself.

There is so much to do on all levels: lectures and studies, conferences and networking, group and club meetings, career search and cover letters…

Bottom line is: with all the intensity so far, the experience is worthwhile and all information provided is to make the most out of our time at ESADE.

My impression of the MBA programme: definitely worth it!

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