Visit from the Director of Corporate Responsibility at BBVA

I was thrilled when, during his visit to the Net Impact club last Friday, the Director for Corporate Responsibility at BBVA focused on the ways in which the bank harnesses responsibility as a driver for differentiation and value generation (not philanthropy).

Early on, Antoni Ballabriga projected a letter from Societe Generale Asset Management upon the screen.  It requested that, in preparation for a particular shareholders meeting, BBVA share its specific environmental objectives.  This anecdote made everyone pay a little extra attention to the corporate responsibility initiatives that followed, which included responsibility to the customer, financial literacy and inclusion and environmental and social risk as well as eco-efficiency.

Mr. Ballabriga is an ESADE alumnus and dropped in during a visit to his home in Barcelona from his current base in Madrid.  He was kind enough to join us afterward for a “Feeling Good, Feeling Better” beer.  FGFB is a student initiative that allows students to donate 30 cents for every beer consumed to microfinance loans made through

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