Back to School. Year 2: 3..2…1..go!

After having spent the summer in beautiful barcelona, working for my internship and enjoying the sun and beach, it is time to get back to class!

I’m having 2 weeks of intensive classes, beginning last week with “STRATEGIC BUSINESS SIMULATOR” class which I found awesome! Yes it was quite hectic as we have been working with my group non stop from morning till late in the evening every day of the past week. However, the class was astonishingly interesting cause it was the first time we managed to put into practice almost all the learnings of our MBA so far. It consisted in running a “virtual” company, which would compete in a virtual market which included the companies of all the other groups in the class. The results were fun and taught us a lot regarding setting clear roles/goals/responsibilities and working as a team not only when things go well, but mainly when things go bad ( and believe me, at the beginning things were going reaaaally bad for our company but in the end we ended up among the best in the class :) ).
This week I have the “GLOBAL SALES” course with professor Kenneth Morse from MIT’s Entrepreneurship Institute. So far it seems very exciting however it’s too early to give a verdict.
As I will keep working as an intern throughout the year until graduation, it will be quite challenging to manage my time and split it between classes and office though I shouldn’t complain because this is what I signed up for and I consider it part of the MBA learning process.

Before closing, I would like to mention that it is impossible not to notice all the new faces around the school. Exactly… I mean the new class of 2012! I’ve had the chance to meet a few and I’m impressed by the various profiles and success stories they shared with me. They look very vibrant and eager to join student clubs and take charge of further improving ESADE from what we achieved. I’m looking forward to meeting more of them!

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