Fall MBA Career Forum

Hi there!

Fall MBA Career Forum is here. Lots of companies are coming to ESADE to present their ideas, purposes and characteristics to the students and evently hold some interviews in the first three days of next day. It is an exciting week as we can hear people from different sectors, I don’t want to name any as all are really interesting!

It is an important event to start some relationship with real companies, real recruiters, consultants and HR people. Appart from the presentations there will be some cocktails and networking events to know more about them and their world. So for three days there will be no classes but ESADE does not stop.

Furthermore, there are workshops, lectures and meetings with really interesting people. We have been said lots of times that this week is important and we do believe so.

As business attire is required, our friends of the ESADE webshop have created a pair of specific products after some votings. You can find them here: http://shop.esadembasa.com/business.

I’ll tell you next week!

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