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More than 30 companies have visited our university this week. We started on monday morning with an Opening Panel talking about the Value of the MBA in the work place from a cross-industry perspective. It was an interesting way to begin. From that moment on, companies started their presentations. It was hard to decide which presentation attend but in the afternoon all were available in a Networking Coffee. First and Second years from both FT and PT programs were there willing to know about strategies, companies, internships and full time opportunities around the world.

Some companies had special events such as cocktails, workshops and breakfasts. I thought it was going to be a relaxed week but it has been really intense. The Forum activities have been around until friday when some entrepreneurs have come to the university to present their innovative ideas and to ask for assessment for their business… real post-MBA work and a challenge also!

And I cannot finish without talking about the Students Case Competition. Each class saw 10 great presentations about sustainability policy and profitability in a company. There were several approaches and only one winner per class but I feel we all learnt a lot thanks to the organizers and the judges.

And of course, meetings, opportunities, start-ups, clubs go on! The World doesn’t stop and neither our minds do.

Enjoy your long weekend with La Castanyada or Halloween!


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