Social affairs!

There is life beyond classes (not much if you want to sleep, eat…) and a really interesting one. For example, I have learned that Diwali is the most important festival of the year in India. As a result of this there is a Diwali Bollywood Bash organized by the Indian community tomorrow. Furthermore, there are weekly meetings where MBA classes are forgotten and even talk about them is almost forbidden… unless you want to make jokes.

Students are committed with different causes. We are in November, the month of movember. This is a global movement to support fundraising for the investigation against prostate cancer. The enroled students leave their moustaches grow in different ways which combines fun and community awareness.

Sports! People get together to play football, rugby or basketball and participate in popular races in Barcelona (next one Jean Bouin and some are preparing the Marathon!)

180 people, 180 personalities and interests. We are not only learning business. We are learning from each other and growing all together. There is a place for everything and we are realizing that 18 months is not a lot of time and that we’ll miss each other muchísimo.

Lovely, isn’t it?


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