Gastrofest and more!

I think the name says most of its spirit but just in case … this is a cooking competition for ESADE MBA students where, this year, 17 teams of 8 people will try to present their countries specialities’ in terms of food! There will be a full report of the party after the 27 November but I wanted to add another social event to the really long list.

This week Newsweek has ranked ESADE as the 4th best international MBA program. For us these are great news because it confirms that our choice was really good.

To be honest, this has been a tough week. We are analyzing companies for Business Analysis to Valuation (I could say that it was for the fun of it but…). It’s not easy to go beyond the numbers and make assumptions, read Annual reports and raise some explanations about a good or bad performance after the financial crisis. On Economics we have talked about currencies battle that is the main question these days in the G20 summit and we are able to understand better the claims of each country. CIC has helped us to write a proper Cover Letter for future jobs and Accounting II has showed us the negative balance of a well-known film (with the help of a colleague who worked in the company that produced the film!). Finally, today, Real Madrid (!) has appeared in the Marketing class to learn about their business model in the era of Florentino Pérez and his galácticos, you don’t imagine how many opinions there were today (passion, knowledge, beliefs… from here and there). We are touching the real world, not figuring out how it is.

And in the meantime we still decide to attend conferences and club meetings, to plan future case competitions and to design awesome events.

But this will come, maybe, next week!

Have fun!


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