Unique moments

I feel that in some years, when looking back to 2010-2012, I will remember certain unique and special moments happening at ESADE. This week I have been able to experience some of them…

To begin with, last Wednesday I attended a presentation by Shlom Ben Ali (exminister of Israel). He was at ESADE thanks to Javier Solana (former general secretary of NATO) who is the current President of Global Geopolitics and Economy of ESADE. Furthermore, the presentation was the third out of eight of the Global Economy and Geopolitics in the 21st Century programme I enroled. By the way, next month the presentation will be around Pakistan and Afghanistan.

I have talked a lot about clubs so far. However, I want to remark two events, one happening this week and the other during next one. On one hand, yesterday Octagon came on campus, thanks to Sports Business Club, to talk about the company and the creation of beach soccer as business model and trademark. On the other hand, Mobile World Congress shows in Barcelona the trends of its sector and the Technology Club will be both in the venue leading a viability study for the GSMA and on campus with a very special event.  I can also explain you the Net Impact extended board challenges in the social sector and the proposals from Consulting Club to get internships.


As usual, a lot more to come


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