Sunny April

Spring is here and most people take advantage of breaks to go to the great terrace ESADE has to enjoy the nice weather!

First of all, big congrats to Andrea Kollmorgen, Erkki-Antti Sadinmaa, Charlie Ballard and Ricard Vila who have reached the final of the Aspen Case Competition happening in a week in New York. Also to Alex Dobres and Mike Yu who reached another final, the Novartis Case Competition one happening exactly the same day.

Last week, ESADE hosted the Graduate Business Conference ( It was an intense week with leaders in the Student Associations from top-MBA universities from around the World.

Another exciting event is the Quest for Talent ( promoted by the Entrepreneurship club. This event aims at providing an open talent platform for growth companies, entrepreneurs and MBAs from Europe’s best business schools.

We have heard that some 2013 class members are already looking forward to come to ESADE. It’s nice to read the energy and the amazing backgrounds. I feel like that one year ago I was in the same situation so I can understand the doubts and the excitement. Welcome!


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