Innovation Summit

The ESADE Innovation Summit,  held last 28 October, is an event focused on encouraging cross-sector innovative learnings, giving insight into the future of innovation in industries ranging from Healthcare to Media to Cleantech. This student led initiative brought industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and the academic community together to debate how disruptive innovation can play a role in addressing business challenges.

ESADE Business School is a globally oriented and diverse academic institution with over 50 years’ experience in management training. As central features of ESADE’s culture, research and innovation are part of ESADE’s identity and quest for continuous improvement.

The Innovation Summit kicked off with keynote speaker Wim Vanhaverbeke, sitting professor of “Open Innovation” at ESADE and the Vlerick Leuven Gent School of Management (Belgium). As a leading expert in Open Innovation, he is also the co-editor (with Henry Chesbrough and Joel West) of “Open Innovation: Researching a New Paradigm“, a new book about the research challenges related to Open Innovation (Oxford University Press 2006; paperback in 2008; Japanese translation 2008).

Watch this video for a taster of the event which proved to be a great success.

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