ESADE Team, one of the two winners of the IBM/Novartis NCD Challenge

New York – A team of The ESADE MBA students has been named one of two global winners of the IBM/Novartis NCD Challenge, a case competition among top business schools at the intersection of healthcare and technology. The team was composed of first-year MBA students ChingChia Hsu, Mengchi Chen, Alex Anthonysamy, Feras Nagadi, and Kohei Sato.

The NCD Challenge aims to lessen the global health burden of the 21st century by improving treatment for non-communicable diseases. These conditions  – which include heart disease, stroke, cancer, asthma, diabetes, osteoporosis, cataracts, and more – now account for the majority of deaths and healthcare expense in most developed markets and many emerging markets.

ESADE’s proposal, “Dr. Diabetes”, utilizes a handheld device with an application and two cloud servers to increase awareness of diabetes and also enhance integration between patients, physicians, and pharmacies. The team suggested deployment in urban Chinese areas, followed by scaling to more geographic regions and disease types.

Next for the ESADE team is an all-expense-paid trip to the IBM and Novartis Corporate Headquarters in New York, where they will attend an award ceremony and meet with IBM and Novartis executives about potentially bringing the solution to the market.

Over a dozen business schools competed in the IBM/Novartis NCD Challenge, including Duke University School of Medicine, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, Oxford Saϊd Business School, and London Business School. The other global winner was Team 2Vidas from Berkeley Haas.

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