Insight Into the Application Journey – From An Accepted Student

Guest post by accepted student Kaitlin Keon, future member of ESADE MBA Class of 2014.

My journey to an MBA started on Facebook. A friend had posted The Economist’s ranking of the top 20 business schools and as I casually perused it, two programs in Barcelona caught my eye. I had tossed the idea around of getting an MBA for a while but hadn’t made a serious commitment to investigating programs. After researching ESADE, I realized it wasn’t the stuffy, typical business school that we hear so much about in Boston. I knew I wanted to get a degree while having a great experience and ESADE seemed like the perfect fit.

After spending far too many hours taking practice GMAT tests and retooling my application essays, I found myself at the Experience ESADE day in New York to get a better idea of what the program has to offer. Listening to the introductions of the other prospective students, I was amazed by the assortment of backgrounds and experiences. As was emphasized in the presentation, I knew I could learn a lot from this group of people and others like them. Plus, they seemed fun! I was admittedly bummed that I couldn’t stay for the cocktail hour that day as I had to catch a train back to Boston. But I left feeling assured that ESADE was going to be the best place for me.

Since accepting my place in the program, I have a huge smile when I tell people I’m moving to Barcelona for business school. I’m excited for a change of scenery along with a change of career. Though switching from being a database analyst to (hopefully) finding a position in CSR seems daunting now, I am eager to begin the process at ESADE. I am optimistic that I will gain the tools necessary to shift my career while having a wonderful time with a great group of people.

Next step, visa application!

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