Announcing the 2012 Emerging Future Conference

By Khalil Alnammari, First-Year MBA Student

Next Friday, April 27, ESADE hosts the 2nd Annual Emerging Markets Conference. “Emerging Future 2012 – Is the world ready?” The conference will bring together creative minds to discuss, debate, and challenge the most pressing topics concerning emerging markets today. A dynamic group of experts, practitioners, and professionals will gather together to explore ways to push boundaries of business and innovation related to healthcare, finance, or operational needs in today’s new global economy.

This conference is tremendously exciting because emerging markets provide the world with new investment opportunities and hubs for innovation, creativity, and growth. Companies from the developed world are seeking emerging market access for profitable growth, universities from around the world are strategically building relationships with emerging market institutions for research and recruitment, and international organizations are expanding capacity to meeting the growing demands and needs of emerging market economies.

From McKinsey consultants in London to healthcare professionals in Nigeria, the program will be driven by professionals whose work is at the heart of these critical emerging issues. There is a special focus on Brazil, Latin America’s largest and fastest-growing economy, at this year’s conference. The keynote speaker is Consul Sergio Barbosa Serra from the Brazilian attaché in Barcelona. Consul Barbosa Serra will reflect on both his experience in Barcelona and as the former Brazilian Ambassador in South Korea and New Zealand.

In hosting this conference, ESADE proves it understands the importance and influence of growth economies. As business schools rush to establish a presence in emerging economies, ESADE can boast of recent study tours in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, upcoming summer internships in places like Cambodia and South Africa, and thriving exchange programs in Brazil, China, and India. ESADE has also made emerging economies a priority for recruiting, in particular Brazil, India, China, and Saudi Arabia, in addition to strengthening historic ties with Latin America.

Come to the 2012 Emerging Future conference at ESADE and get your questions answered because this is one enriching event you won’t want to miss.

For more information about conference and to register, please visit our website at

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