Announcing the 2012 ESADE Innovation Summit!

This month ESADE hosts the 2nd annual ESADE Innovation Summit, an all-day conference with the theme of Design Thinking. Top design consultants will explain the Design Thinking process and attendees will have the opportunity to work on exciting business cases challenging companies in financial services, urban planning, healthcare, and more. One of ESADE’s most beloved professors, Kenneth Morse, will deliver a keynote speech called, “Critical Success Factors in Managing Innovation Projects and Processes in Major Firms.”

This is an exciting event because Design Thinking has become such a buzzword in business, with publications like the Wall Street Journal and The Economist gushing about firms innovating by making products more intuitive and envisioning new use case scenarios for them. There are opportunities for MBA students who have both left brain and right brain skills in these kinds of firms.

In addition to the Innovation Summit, ESADE offers an elective called Creativity and Innovation and has strengthened recruiting ties with design firms like Claro Partners, Smart Design, and SY Partners (all of whom will be present at the EIS). Endeavoring to make Design Thinking a forte for the MBA program is a good fit because the new Creapolis campus has several Google-like spaces designated for ideation. And the creative heritage of Barcelona – home to Gaudi, Dali, and Picasso in their day – doesn’t hurt.

To find out more, visit the event’s website at

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