ESADE’s 2nd Annual Innovation Summit – the review!

“Today, change is not a luxury, it is an absolute necessity” tweeted ESADE MBA student Khalil Alnammari from the second annual Innovation Summit held on November 16, 2012 at ESADE’s Creapolis campus. In today’s turbulent times, there is an appetite for new ideas and fresh perspectives in all areas of business from start-ups to multi-national corporations. The successful turnout at ESADE’s Innovation Summit showed that innovation is top of mind for MBAs and their future employers. The ESADE Innovation Summit combined its international student body with Design and Innovation consultants and industry experts from Healthcare, Financial Services, Consumer Goods and Smart Cities sectors. The goal was to create a mutually beneficial opportunity for students and industry practitioners by using design-thinking methods to solve current business issues. Sponsors included Claro Partners ( and KIC InnoEnergy ( In total, 18 diverse companies participated in the ESADE Innovation Summit including Telefónica, Amgen, InAtlas, and Dinube. The key speaker was Ken Morse, an advisor to Barack Obama and founder of the Innovation Lab at MIT. So what is design thinking? That question was answered by a panel of Design and Innovation consultants that included Claro Partners (, Smart Design (, A Piece of Pie ( and SY Partners ( The design thinking process puts a methodology around customer focused innovative thinking. Innovative thinking is not new but there are now dedicated, proven practices dedicated to it. The 2012 ESADE Innovation Summit provided a forum and gave participants the tools to put innovation theory into practice.

Ema Kamara (MBA on exchange from Georgetown University, USA)

For more details on the event, please see the website:

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