ESADE Campus Tour

We would like to share with you  each corner of our campus, so it feels like home before you get here!  A place where you’ll find everything you need, classrooms, study rooms, special areas for events, a full gym, cafeteria and much, much more.

Based in Sant Cugat, on the outskirts of Barcelona, we’re just far enough away from the city centre, in the perfect location to study and be inspired, whilst still being close enough to hop on the train and be in the bustling city of Barcelona in no time! (Barcelona and Sant Cugat are easily connected in about 20 minutes by train)

The first MBA campus with it’s finger quite literally on the pulse of business, with more than 60 start up companies sharing this Open and Cross Innovation space with our students, allowing synergies and endless possibilities for networking between students, entrepreneurs and companies from different backgrounds and with different goals.  Discover our E-Garage and ESADE Creapolis Incubator, spaces specifically designed for the budding entrepreneur to work on ideas and make them a reality.

We have been on this Campus for a year now, and so far, we are loving it!!!

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