Reaching the home stretch of the MBA

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

Thanks to the on flight film offering I ended my 2-month Hong Kong based placement with a quite symbolic way, as I watched “The Internship” before a few hours of sleep on the way back to Barcelona.

Following some days of rest and time spent with family I was already back to school with 3 intensive weeks of studies awaiting the 2nd year students. In this framework you practically “finish off” a subject in a week, as you have the same class from Monday to Friday, 40 hours (+ case preparation, readings for the upcoming days during the evenings…) a week. We had some great courses where my favourite one was Innovation to Cash Flows.

Even though finance related subjects were not on my wish list I chose this subject because of the very positive reviews on the Professor – Constance Lütolf-Carroll – and thanks to her my bet paid off big time. We had some great insights in strategy making, discussions on intellectual property rights in regard of the different forms of alliances, licensing issues and a very practical session where we carried out a team negotiation as a Finnish and a Malaysian JV negotiating partner.

In October I officially started the last Term of my MBA where I need to take on a few more classes as part of my academic obligations, however the biggest emphasis is now on finalising a Full-time job. These days many companies come to campus to attract talent by presenting their history, corporate structure, sharing ideas about their culture, giving information on specially tailor made MBA programs and some of them also include opportunities for students to attend their “networking events”. Moreover at the end  of the month there will be a 3-day career forum as well, so this is the right time to intermingle with potential employees after a thorough research and preparation.

Some days back I got an unexpected call from a multinational company, which was a nice surprise to be considered with my retail-heavy background. They said that fresh impetus and new insights from other industries were needed in order to diversify the know-how of employees and to speed up innovation. This revelation of their recruiting policy basically confirmed me that there are real chances for career changers, so if you  are eager to learn and passionate enough about a company you could always have a chance even if not mastering those skills that are perceived to be a must for the given sector.

On top of the organized and unorganized company approaches there is another way to increase the likelihood of a post MBA employment. For those students who pursued a summer internship and managed to leave behind good impressions, chances are obviously higher that the initial cooperation might be converted into a permanent position, which in my case as well would be a much appreciated outcome.

Anyhow I aim to find the last puzzle pieces just at the right time, as my intention is to take on such a professional challenge that could be started early next year, which would enable me to continuously exercise my brain with just a little bit of pause after the December graduation.

Despite of a tough job market situation in the most part of Europe I am positive that our investment in the ESADE MBA will pay off in the long run. First we could practice “in a risk free environment” how to work in small heterogeneous teams where all members come from different countries and bring in varied skill sets and professional background. Second we got to know many bright people and became part of a big family with a respectful alumni network spreading all over the globe. Third and maybe most important of all each and every participant of the MBA program provided proof of his/her willingness to learn, develop and to take risks by coming to a new country, starting a new life abroad and giving up a more protective shelter what homeland in most of the cases could mean. The vast majority of us had no idea before the enrolment what the future would hold for us, but the entrepreneurial spirit dictated that investing in our education can only turn things better.

With all that I wish my current and future peers that they turn their dreams into reality, enrich the ESADE ecosystem and by doing so turn the lives happier in and around the communities where they live and work!

Best regards,


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