ESADE Chinese-speaking students meet up for the first time

ESADE’s Chinese-speaking community is growing every year, giving rise to a tight-knit group able to share experiences in Barcelona. As graduates accept positions all around the world, the network continues to be a key component of their international studies, even after their programmes have ended.

With this in mind, ESADE recently organized a tour of Barcelona for all of its Chinese-speaking students. The tour was based on the popular Chinese TV series “Meteor Garden 2″, and students were taken to various Barcelona landmarks, including Parc Güell, Sagrada Familiaand the Canaletes fountain, among others.

ESADE partners with top programmes in mainland China (Guanghua School of Management, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, the China Europe International Business School), Hong Kong (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong) and elsewhere in Asia. This year, ESADE has moreover strengthened its online presence in China with the help of Zheng YanYu (’16), a full-time MBA student from China looking to complement her educational background in sports management and her experience working for FC Barcelona.

If you want to see the complete tour click here.

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