Needs to be CERN to be believed!

CERN, as the world’s most renowned research laboratory specializing in nuclear research and with possibly the most advanced technology on the planet, needs no introduction from us, but has recently opened its doors to a lucky few students from our MBA programme, marking the start of ongoing collaboration between ESADE and this world-renowned research centre. This, the first year has seen our teams of MBAs working on four projects with a socially responsible focus: Food security, Sensing Interactions, Sensing Spaces, Exoskeletal Movement Aid.

Our MBAs will work together with others from the European Institute of Design (IED) in Barcelona, and UPC (Polytechnic University of Catalonia), combining business expertise, design thinking and engineering profiles for the optimum result.

There are no limits to what our students can imagine and achieve with the help of CERN’s technology, and the results have proven to be quite spectacular.

Take a look at this videoto discover just what this project has been all about, and join our MBA programme to get involved yourself!

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