Understanding Diversity – Panel of Peers

The Women in Business Club got off to a great start in 2016, with our first meeting attended by almost 30 members (quite amazing for a busy weekday lunch time!). Over pizza and coke, we caught up with one another as we waited for everyone to trickle in from classes.

We had the pleasure to have as guest speakers Bettina Bülte, Chad Goble and  Natalia Isakova addressed the gathering, speaking about their experiences working in different countries, as well as about how their personal lives affected their professional lives and vice-versa. Our audience was very active, and there was quite an interesting Q&A after the speeches. A very interesting pattern emerged from the entire session.

Bettina Bülte

Bettina Bülte

Chad Goble

Natalia Isakova

In countries as different as Switzerland, the Middle East, Japan and Russia, there’s still a common thread running through the cultures’ subconscious – men are the providers, women ideally stay at home and take care of the family. When women do work, it’s best if they are led by men. The degree to which this thinking is apparent in different cultures varies widely, but the ideal remains the same.

Our intention with the club is to open discussion on such topics and bring forth the things that we don’t usually talk about, but which are subconsciously affecting the entire world.

All of our members loved the format, and we received enthusiastic recommendations to continue having these lunchtime events to learn more about our own classmates and their cultures and experiences.

We have an exciting line up of more events for the coming few months, keep tuning in!

Lunch time at ESADE

Some of ours peers participating in the Q&A -
Chloé-Hébert Gérin-Lajoie, Johann Tomas Gudmundsson and Liana Calicchia

Members of Women in Business Club
Ritika Saxena, Lalitha Kakulapati, Sara Lopez, Delia Rätzsch, Anna Kenny, Juliana Zagury, Kerry McCarron,
Chloé-Hébert Gérin-Lajoie and Gareth McGowan


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