NESPRESSO Case Competiton | ESADE Marketing Club

Winning team – Naman Mehta; Maanas Mediratta; Eugenia Bolanos & Chad Goble, with judges

On February 2nd the ESADE Marketing club hosted their first case competition. Eight teams competed for the chance to represent ESADE in the international Nespresso Sustainability MBA Challenge. To choose the winning team, the club presented a case challenging students to propose “How Nespresso should capitalize on the opportunities of the circular economy to build a premium proposition for aspirational consumers?”

The winning team, Maanas Mediratta; Naman Mehta; Eugenia Bolanos & Chad Goble proposed the following:

  • Community Action Customer profiling shows users are families therefore collaborating with schools is important
  • Stressed the Impact of Recycling communications and brochures on this initiative are missing from Nespresso’s marketing
  • Develop a Sustainable Recycling Network collect more capsules and increase the 30% collected to 80% in the next 5 years

The winners will have a chance to compete against students from all over the globe to come up with new, creative and fresh ideas for improving Nespresso’s strategy. The winner will have the opportunity to travel to the Nespresso Headquarters in Switzerland!

Thank you to everyone who participated & congratulations to the winning team!

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