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The Initiative

One of the Tech & Media Club’s mission is to create enriching opportunities to encourage interaction among its club members. Building on this agenda, we recently conducted our first peer learning session to  leverage on peer experiences, knowledge and the diversity of the club.  Read on to know more!

The 1st Peer Learning Session

The first of many Peer Learning Sessions was held on 4th February, 2016 at our ESADE Sant Cugat campus. The topic of the hour was “Experiences in the Tech Industry” and in the spotlight were Juliet Moser and Ratul Banerjee sharing their valuable experiences.

Juliet Moser explaining the Google Sales Organisation

Juliet Moser, a former Google employee, spoke about her 5 plus years of experience in the sales division while shedding light on the structure of the sales organisation at Google. She also gave her insights on probable roles for MBAs in tech and some recommendations about how to get a job in the industry. Stressing on the importance of networking, she sighted her own experiences while looking for a job at Google.

Ratul Banerjee sharing his experiences.

Ratul Banerjee has worked in various companies in software services, product development and IT consulting areas. He has worked on IT consulting projects for World Bank and International Monetary Fund as Project Manager. He spoke about the dynamics of working with leading financial institutions and the security issues faced while implementing solutions for these institutions. Talking about post MBA roles in tech, he stressed on the fact that for IT consulting project manager roles a computer science background may not be necessary if you are able to learn and adapt quickly.

Club members engrossed in the session

The audience was pretty active throughout the session, asking some interesting questions. Overall it was a very productive session and the interest shown by the members has motivated the board to organise similar such sessions in the weeks to come. Future line up of peer learning sessions will discuss “Cyber Security” and “Online Advertising”, among others, dates of which will be announced soon. A big thank you to those who took the time out to join the peer learning session.

Stay tuned for more!

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