Meet MBASA outside the classroom

We invite you to have a glimpse of some of the characters in the MBA Student Association

Sara López – MBASA President


“I am Sara and I am Spanish, from Galicia. I am an Industrial Engineer and prior to the MBA I worked in Hungary in Supply Chain.

In Esade I have learnt a lot from the academic perspective but even more from the personal one. The day to day contact with my classmates is amazing, we are so diverse that is becomes a continuous learning. I am now expert on different cultures, traditions and foods! It has been very nice to act as a host and explain to my international friends our Spanish traditions, even see their shocked faces when I tell them that shops close on Sundays or we have dinner at 10 pm :)

Esade provides opportunities to be involved in many extra activities, we have more than 20 clubs. In my case my favorite hobby is dancing and I am part of the Salsa Club, we are now starting the preparations for the MBA Tournament in Paris and it is being a lot of fun!”

Stephan Droste – MBASA VP of Events 


“I am Stephan, 25 years old. I joined Lufthansa German Airlines for a dual study program at European Business School and worked after my undergraduate studies in Lufthansa’s political affairs and international relations department in Berlin. Though the city is entirely Catalan, solid Spanish skills certainly helped me assimilating quickly to life in Barcelona.”

“Whenever my schedule allows, I love to socialize with the amazing people I am surrounded with at ESADE – be it out for drinks in Barcelona or through sports. Admittedly, I am here to boost my professional career in the first place. However, I want to make the most out of the network and the friendships the MBA at ESADE offers and I am eager to contribute to the best possible time for all of us.”

 Carolina Sánchez – MBASA VP of Communications & PR


“My name is Carolina– my friends call me Caro, born and raised Panamanian. I’m an Industrial Engineer with professional experience in Marketing at P&G.

I believe the MBA experience goes beyond the classroom education and these past 6 months have impacted my life in so many ways. I’m developing my passion for cooking by preparing my traditional food for my classmates.

With such a diverse class, I’m enjoying learning from other cultures. Every month there are different opportunities to discover something new, with events such as Indian Diwali celebration, American Thanksgiving dinner and the upcoming Chinese New Year party. Not to mention the rich local Catalan traditions, that we learn on every day basis, such as Calcotada!

One of my greatest passions is to travel, In the past 5 years I’ve visited over 25 countries and planning to visit many more (when the academic workload allows us). Living in Barcelona is a great opportunity to plan trips around Europe, for example, two weeks ago I learnt how to Ski in Andorra!

This MBA has been a holistic experience where I’m not only strengthening my business skills, but also eating unconventional food, enjoying different music and cultures, while making friends for life.”

Itsuma Tanaka – MBASA VP of  Welcome Committee


“I am Itsuma from Japan. Before coming to ESADE, I was an Mobile Network Engineer in Japan, and travelled all around the world creating rules and technical standards of mobile networks.

ESADE has got real collaborative spirit – as soon as I take whatever initiative, the initiative is fully backed up by the classmates around the world and the school.

In September I hosted a friendly jam session, merely to have fun and get to know friends who know how to play loud music – in October it already turned into the newest ESADE social club, Music Club. The event has been a smash hit; it’s really exciting to see from the stage how music unites people from all around the world.

Now, taking the advantage of GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC), which is one of the biggest industry exhibitions in the world and takes place in Barcelona, I am leading a new industry project with a structure such that ESADE students get immersed in the world of mobile technology through case competition, panel discussion by guest speakers, and a tour to MWC. This leadership, started with a very small group of esteemed students with telecom background, is now fully supported by the school by providing resources and professional networks that are necessary to be successful.

To me, starting something new has been the greatest way to grow, not only as a professional but also as a human. ESADE and people here allow me to do this, and I’m totally enjoying this environment!”

Johannes Burgard – MBASA VP of Academic Affairs

“My name is Johannes, I’m a first year MBA at ESADE from Germany. Before I started my MBA journey in Barcelona, I worked as project engineer in a production environment in my home country. My objectives for joining an MBA program were entrepreneurial exposure, more international experience and to acquire some business skills. ESADE offers me way more than that. Besides the typical skills set training any better business schools delivers, ESADE inspires you to think big with a sense for the common good. We have a very active MBA Student Association with many business and social clubs. I decided to take an active role in this and am very happy to be able to contribute my part to it, now. We collaborate not only among us MBAs but also with the entire ESADE network and other schools. Due to the MBASA clubs I can emphasize my educational focus, broaden my personal horizon and pursue some of my hobbies, like playing football and music.”

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