Eixverd, a Green Rooftops Experience – E&E Club

A few days back we had the privilege to host a presentation from Lidia Calvo, founder of the Green Rooftops company EixVerd.

Green Rooftops, an oasis in the middle of Barcelona

Lidia explained from her perspective how challenging and rewarding could be being an entrepreneur under adverse times. Her energy and tireless persistence makes of Lidia a role model for all who consider to follow the Green Entrepreneurship path. During her presentation she covered diverse topics, focusing in the followings:

  • Eixverd project development. Challenges, initial steps and future goals
  • Social and Environmental benefits of green rooftops
  • Challenges as a woman entrepreneur.

Lidia sharing her valuable experience

Green Roofs will probably make headlines in years to come and their potential beneficial effects are noteworthy. We wish EixVerd the best of lucks in their next projects.

Special thanks to ESADE Entrepreneurship Club, Women in Business Club and ESADE Net Impact Chapter for their presence and collaboration.

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