ESADE and Indian Oil Corporation Networking Breakfast – E&E Club

On February 2nd, ESADE had the distinguished honor to host 32 Executives from Indian Oil Corporation over a networking breakfast.The purpose of the visit was to acquaint the company with ESADE and also the student-led Energy and Environment Club. The event began with an informal networking session between the executives, MBA students and other members of the ESADE community in attendance. After which, a presentation was given by Obi Nwosa, the Vice President of Traditional Energy of the Energy and Environment Club.

Networking event with the Indian Oil Corporation

Obi’s presentation started off with an all too familiar question, Why ESADE? to which he answered because of the invaluable richness of diversity, the ESADE spirit of collaboration, the far reaching network of ESADE alumni, the world class education and of course, the wonderful city of Barcelona. Other important topics on the agenda included the mission and values of ESADE (which filter down to all clubs under the umbrella of MBASA), the mission and vision of the Energy and Environment Club and the various activities the club engages in to achieve its goals. Last but not least was a short discussion about the current state of the oil and gas industry which culminated in an open floor for questions. 

Indian Oil Company Presentation

Obi Nwosa, VP of Traditional Energy of the E&E Club during his presentation

It was a pleasure hosting the Indian Oil Corporation executives and we are positive this event has ushered in the beginning of a new and lasting relationship between ESADE and Indian Oil Corporation.

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