ESADE Consulting Club goes DUBAI

Dubai – A place where diversity and thriving business meet and thus the prefect destination for the ESADE Consulting Club trek in April 2016.

Dubai has grown into a metropole that is the business and cultural focal point in the Middle East and has the attention of the world. 85% of its population consists of expatriates and English is the predominant business language, making it an attractive location for many multinationals and consulting firms to base their regional offices in.

During our trek to this prosperous city, we will visit companies like BCG, A.T. Kearney, Delta Partners and many more. This will give our club members the opportunity to network and to get an understanding of the region and the existing job opportunities for ESADE MBAs. Finally we want to leverage this trek to foster lasting relationships for our school with the region, because we believe that the multicultural business environment in Dubai fits very well with what we experience at the ESADE MBA.

Stay tuned for more News from the ESADE Consulting Club!

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