OSCM Club – The Fira Barcelona Visit!

One of Barcelona’s biggest and most anticipated events is the Mobile World Congress that every year attracts thousands of people from the world of telecom and contributes more than 400 million dollars to the economy of Catalonia.

Fira Barcelona is the company that manages the MWC. Thanks to Professor Jordi Estruga (Guest Events Operations Director at Fira Barcelona) the Operations and Supply Chain Management Club organized a visit to Fira Barcelona-Gran Via for the Full Time MBA students. We had the opportunity to understand more about their operations in preparation for the upcoming Mobile World Congress.

Fira Barcelona has over 400,000 m2 exhibition floor space, spread over 14 pavilions and two congress centres (Gran Via – Montjuic), equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and providing a full portfolio of trade fair services that can be adapted to the needs of exhibitors, organisers and visitors.

We attended a presentation through which we understood the practical applications and importance of a lot of the technical knowledge we had learnt through the operations course and how these were applied at Fira.We understood more about the implications of hosting such a huge event as the MWC and how they overcome the various challenges faced.

We saw models of the different venues and later got a guided tour through the pavilions (that are currently seeing heavy activity in preparation for the congress) and expositions at MWC.

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