Startup Bootcamp MBA Challenge 2016

Written by Sara Vigil

Startupbootcamp is Europe’s leading accelerator program for startups in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Eindhoven, Istanbul, London and Barcelona. Since launching, Startupbootcamp has accelerated 241 startups of which 71% went on to receive funding.

Together with IESE MBAs we were invited to the 2016 Barcelona edition on February, 6th. We faced real issues of 11 different startups in teams of 3-4 students. These startups work on the topic “Internet of things and data” and are originally from around the world and part of Accelerator Program of Startupbootcamp (SBC) in Barcelona these months.

Our hard work got a pizza-break for lunch organized by Deliveroo Barcelona who also gave us great insides in the food delivery industry and shared with us their experiences from the Barcelona launch last year.

It was a great opportunity to network and experience real startup problems! So if you missed it, you can look for more info here: or look for Startupbootcamp in social media.

Our classmate Giovanni Bologna explaining his group solution

Winners of the Startup Bootcamp

Winners of the Startup Bootcamp

The companies that were part of this edition were:

DataQuarks -SaaS data analytics start-up offering a scenario analysis platform to help executives manage uncertainties

Excelera -An alternative ADC for smart sensors with higher performance and reduced time to market and cost.

Hutoma -Hutoma builds next generation artificially intelligent digital employees to help companies scale and automate business critical tasks.

Intranetum -Self-learning knowledge sharing tool to help companies work smarter together.

LifeTracker -Helps Millennials flexibly align daily schedules with their core values, finding right time for activities that lead to more happy and balanced life.

Memio – Provides a reminder service – through message or call – that helps elderly people to take their medication.

RealSpeaker -Using computer vision to enhance speech recognition & convert video files to text with 100% accuracy.

Recualizer – Hiring a stranger is risky. Discover the person behind the CV,see who matches your company values the best!

Sekg-An online platform that helps companies understand consumer behaviours and audiences by passively tracking their emotional reactions through wearables.

Storm- Combining an ad hoc POS device and a digital platform to connect micro merchants with their stock suppliers and banks.

WiMark - Creates virtualized network software for management of Enterprise and Carrier Wi-Fi networks.

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  1. Ranit says:

    Deliveroo Barcleona huh? That must have been quite an enlightening session. Maybe you can share with us some of the insights you gt from this awesome team?

    Ranit Team

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