Mobile World Congress 2016 – Barcelona

ESADE students participating in events of MWC

Writen by: Victor Savkin

Mobile World Congress

Barcelona is the host city of the GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) and ESADE has organized several events under the umbrella of this international and impressive event. We are happy to continue the tradition of EQUIP (ESADE QUick Immersion Platform) by connecting industry professionals and students at panel talks, guest speaker sessions and competitions.

The first part of the event was a competition organized with the support of executives from the GSMA, which is the trade association for the mobile industry and the organizers of MWC. ESADE MBA students had a chance to work on a challenging case that focused on the future of the telecoms industry and present it in front of executives from leading operators including NTT DOCOMO, Verizon, AT&T, Telenor, China Mobile and others.

MWC has gathered leaders of telecom and IT industry and thankfully to Zain and NTT DOCOMO, 75 ESADE students had a chance to visit the congress and see the future of communications that could not be closer.  Companies like Huawei, Nokia and Cisco have made an excusive tours in a guest only zones and showed their recent solution and products in IoT, 5G and M2M communication.

Once technology evolves ESADE strives to stay in touch with last business practices and solutions, it was a pleasure for students to host 2 panel discussions. Director of Smart Catalonia Daniel Marco and Head of Business Innovation of Agbar Fernando Rayon have talked about concepts of Smart Regions and Corporate Venture Capitals focused on support ad development of city infrastructure. During a second event devoted to disruptive technologies, founder of Aquto Susies Kim Riley, Founder of Caracal Jean Latiere, Head of Devices of Telecable Luis Angel Vasques and Sr. Director of TNS Henry Hayter spoke about the challenges of startups, sponsored data and business models of global IT companies.

EQUIP Mobile Industry was a first experimental event and got positive feedback from students and faculty. We are looking forward to MWC 2017 and planning to extend the list of events making it an ongoing long term project.

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