The Rock Climbing Team

 Writen by: Rachel Brewster

MBAT (MBA Tournament) is a competition for international MBA schools. It’s hosted by HEC in Paris, in May

Students form teams and compete in a variety of activities: like basketball, salsa, poker, chess, and football (re: soccer).

We have to sign up for MBAT now, then practice our sport, in order to be ready for the competition in May.

Despite a decent amount of athletic ability, I looked at the long list of sports and realized that I had no experience with any of them. Yikes.


So, I decided to learn a new sport: rock climbing.

For the past two weekends, I have organized a trip to an indoor rock climbing wall for a small group of ESADE students.

And it has been super fun.



First, it’s been a great way to get to know other students in my class. Although we see each other every day, sometimes it’s hard to really get to know someone if you just see them in the classroom. Rock climbing takes us out of school and creates new friendships.


Then, the climbing instructors have been amazing. They teach us good rock climbing technique and then have us play games that focus on teamwork or make us race in order to implement our new skills. It’s really cool.

 In fact, the only ‘down side’ to rock climbing is that my muscles hate me the next morning. My forearms and shoulder blades feel like they are hulking out of my flesh. Hot.

But I know that the hard work is going to be worth it.

When MBAT arrives in May, our ESADE climbing team is going to rock out loud.

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