Case Competition – GSMA Mobile World Congress

Written by: Biagio Di Leo

When I applied for the ESADE MBA, I knew that the School had a link with the GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC) through partner companies. What I didn’t expect was to end up  presenting to a panel of top managers from the biggest telecommunication companies in the world.

It was a combination of many elements that made this possible. The students from our MBA course all bring many different experiences with us from our diverse networks as well as simply the will to do more. Thanks to the network of Itsuma (students from NTT Docomo in Japan) and to the good reputation of ESADE, the GSMA (a trade association representing the mobile operator community as well as the organizers of MWC) agreed to launch a case competition in our school to identify the strategy for a telecommunication company in 2020.

Many students applied to the competition but my group with Yousif (Kuwait), Srinath (India) and Aike (Germany) won! As the winning team we had the chance to present our ideas to a panel of twenty Strategy Directors from some of the biggest telecommunication companies in the world.

 The secret to the success of our group I think was the fact that we feel like friends more than colleagues which made it easier for ideas to flow in a positive way in the team.

Ultimately, the ESADE experience is all about working together with amazing people and create great experiences.

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