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On March 4th, the club hosted a presentation by Judith Cruxent, from KIC Innoenergy.

Judith Cruxent

Judith Cruxent during her presentation

The company, a non-profit venture funded by numerous European organizations (ESADE among those), is a business accelerator that provides logistic, organizational and financial support to clean technologies start ups.  They are present in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Poland and Sweden.

The service KIC provides is crucial for start ups to overcome the hurdles of the first stages of their development, when they are still trying to figure out a suitable way of commercializing their technologies.  In numerous cases, this companies are founded by engineers who lack the business skills to develop successful business plans and obtain funding.

Not only does KIC supplement entrepreneurs in this aspect by assigning them a mentor, but they also provide initial funding and officiate as a link between the entrepreneurs and Angel Investors.

Current members of the ESADE Energy and Enviroment CLub

Members of the ESADE Energy and Environment Club

KIC has invested in over 100 ventures since its inception, 6 years ago.  They have funded diverse projects, ranging from urban sustainability to renewable energy, with an elevated success rate.

In an era where large corporations and governments have utterly failed to address the environmental issues that threaten the planet, the role of intrepid individuals, willing to take risks and face the odds to make a difference, is vital.  Thus, by helping them, KIC Innoenergy is providing a priceless service to mitigate the looming consequences of climate change.

Judith during the Q&A session



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