The Better Halves club has been busy

Written by: Beth Dyson

On February 28th we took a walking tour of the Barrio Gotic with Hidden City Tours ( a social enterprise company that has trained formerly homeless individuals as tour guides. Our tour guide, Jose, shared his own personal story as well as hidden secrets of the streets.


Our first Monday Lunch/Brunch was at Farga on March 7th.  We got so excited about the beautiful food we forgot to take a photo, but 8 of us enjoyed great conversation and catching up.  A small group were introduced to the delicious tofu at Tofu Catalunya (Thanks, Yuri!)

Upcoming events:

March 29- Lunch, location TBD

April 7 – Wine Tasting at La Vinicula ( 20euros/pp

Ongoing- moms/kids play time

 If you would like more information about anything, please contact Beth Dyson (


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