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At the end of our second term, a time where we were all thinking about internships and our future after the MBA, the Alumni Marketing Club put together an event where ESADE alumni shared their career experiences, learnings and tips as current decision makers in their companies.

The event started with a round table where the mentors shared with us their thoughts and advice on what companies value in a profile today. After this, we had the opportunity to speed mentor. This means that we met with each of the mentors to talk in small groups of 2-3 people so that we could ask more specific questions to our personal goals. This was a great opportunity to network and meet people that in the future could guide us more in our career related decisions.

The other thing I really liked is that the profiles where a great mix: director of people and development in Miguel Torres, senior director at Page Executive, cofounder and CEO of Homuork, director of marketing Infant & Preschool EMEA at Mattel, director of Western Europe Pepsico and psychologist and coach at Beecome. Each person had different points of view and experiences and therefore, unique advice.

To me, these are the types of experiences that I was looking to get out of the MBA. The opportunity to learn about other’s experiences and gain insight on other ways to drive my future as well as build a stronger network.

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