Amsterdam Trek | ESADE Marketing Club

The Marketing Club traveled to Amsterdam to visit top companies in the area to learn further about their marketing practices! Together with the E&E Club, fifty ESADE MBA student embarked on this trip. 

Our first stop was to Unilever where we met with the Brand Manager of AXE and Dove Men+ Care. Our members were walked through the complete process of an advertising campaign and launching a new product. We learned the difference between the global and local marketing teams at Unilever, and were even quizzed on our knowledge of Unilever.

Next we visited Tesla and learned just how forward thinking and innovative the company is! We learned more about the different approaches to marketing and the uniqueness of their product. We even got to see a few cars ;)

The Following day we visited Uber, meeting with the EMEA Marketing Operations Specialist . We learned how they use their unique product of Rides as the center of different activities that generate word of mouth and PR for them (Rides with Puppies!) 

Our last visit was to world renowned Wieden + Kennedy where we met with the head recruiter, who herself has worked in different teams across the organization! We gained exposure to an advertising firm, learning about the culture of the company and how they are presented with problems and challenge, where they find groundbreaking solutions.

In addition to all these great company visits, the ESADE MBA team had the opportunity to network with local alumni to see what they have been up to since their time at ESADE.

All in all we had an exciting and fruitful trip! Gaining the tools and knowledge to further our careers in Marketing, and we had a bit of fun too !!

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