International Women’s day

In many countries this day is celebrated with flowers and chocolates, at Esade we celebrate in a different way.

This is the day to spread the awareness of gender inequality in many ways such as: women’s economic power, women’s political participation and leadership, women’s safety.

We started our day having a delightful morning with a Discussion Panel about the experiences, insights and personal lives of Franziska Ewald (Full Time MBA Programme Manager) and Gloria Batllori (Executive Director of International Custom Programs at Executive Education ESADE Business & Law School).

Gloria Batllori and Franziska Ewald

Gloria was very transparent and gave us some good insights about the difficulties that she faced in her career and how she managed them. She stressed the importance of work- life balance and prioritizing family life.

Franziska started by doing an interactive questionnaire, comparing the gender inequality between Germany (her home country) and Spain. The audience was very surprised with the answers, it was a great way to increase awareness of those issues.


Gloria Batllori

Franziska Ewald

During the day, we had an interactive Post-It board, where students could answer questions such as; ‘what does diversity mean to you’, ‘what gender issues matter to you’, in which they could share their thoughts with all the students.

Board of thoughts

We also spread some quotes about gender inequality that we got from HeforShe (UN platform to spread gender inequality). We are happy to share that Esade was the first business school in Spain to join UN Women`s HeForShe.

Quotes about gender inequality

To end the day, we had a workshop with Giuseppe Conti on salary and career negotiation, specifically directed at women. He shared with us his framework on how to negotiate salaries and provided us a framework in how to be successful in doing it.

  • 1)      Conditioning (know your worth)
  • 2)      Arranging (prepare a one-page with achievements and competencies)
  • 3)      Negotiating (for a win-win outcome)

Giuseppe Conti

We have an exciting line up of more events for the coming few months, keep tuning in!

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