The Family Business Management Class

Written by Diego Espinoza 

It is an amazing thing to have the opportunity to chose different classes in addition to the core set of classes predetermined by the ESADE FT MBA Program. There are different factors that make us choose elective classes, some of us want to learn about a new topic, others want to reinforce previous knowledge, some have specific curiosities, some are really interested in the main subject and pursue a LAB (specialization certificate), but the main point here is that we all have the freedom to enroll!

From my personal experience, it was almost the end of our wonderful Term 1 and I had the option to select one or two electives. The first thing that came to my mind was that I wanted to learn about family business.

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It was something I had been slightly involved in before joining the MBA program and I enjoyed that opportunity. Three months prior moving to Barcelona, my dad decided to build an apartment building for reselling, and he convinced me to quit my job and help him set up and initiate the project since I had a background in construction.

 Having this in mind, plus the inspiration I got from some classes and also from my diverse peers, gave me the determination to enroll in the Family Business Management class elective. From the beginning of the class I felt that I was in the right classroom. I had set my expectations high in the beginning and – now that I just finished with the course – I can assure you that it was one of the best classes I took so far in the MBA.

Maria Jose Parada and Alberto Gimeno, the faculty in-charged of the subject, do an excellent by providing important theoretical concepts and illustrating them with relevant and real life examples. Moreover, the quality and learning experience is increased by my peers who are involved or belong to a family business in their home country.

Finally, this class is special because everyone is engaged in open conversations and willing to share their past experiences, there are elaborate cases from real life written by the ESADE Family Business faculty, and – most importantly – we have a lot of fun

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