Training to enter the world of consulting

One of the goal of the Consulting Club is to provide its members with the skills required to enter the world of consulting. In order to do so we have provided 3 workshops this year to better prepare students:

  • How to crack a case
  • Powerpoint and effective storytelling
  • Excel refresh for intermediary users

How to crack a case session:
Lead by a member of the consulting club board, this session was divided in two parts. We first went through the dynamics of a case interview: which steps to follow to shine in it, what are the classic mistakes, what are the different types of cases, what are the main frameworks that might help … The second part was dedicated to interactive student presentations about their successful interviews. They gave detailed feedback on key success factors for nailing interviews and provided valuable insights on creating a comfortable interview atmosphere.
This ‘how to crack a case’ session comes as a complement to the session of case cracking organized twice a week by our VP of Education

Powerpoint and storytelling:
Creating effective presentations is a highly important skill, yet not an easy one to master. This session was delivered with three simple goals. First, to highlight the core characteristics of any professional presentation. Second, to provide our members with a systematic approach to build up a “story” for any presentation. Third, to provide practical tools, tricks and insights to create effective slides in power point. The session was guided by two experienced members of the Consulting Club board.

This session was set up with the goal of helping our club members to refresh their Microsoft Excel skills. Especially in the light of upcoming summer internships, many club members appreciated this initiative and actively participated. To make it as hands-on as possible, all participants were given a dataset along with requests for analysis which the participants then had to perform. For help all participants could count on two of our most experienced data analysts from the Consulting Club Board.

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  1. Bruno Reis says:

    Great job! Thank you very much for your commitment!

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