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Written by Stephan Droste

With 113 ESADEans, our school was represented stronger than ever before in Europe’s most prestigious sports tournament hosted by HEC from May 5 to 8 in Paris.

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Getting in the mood

After months of sudatory preparations, the MBA gathered to celebrate our beautiful childhood pictures and bond to be ready for one of the highlights of the year. An initiative that resulted in an incredible team spirit and powerful chants. Already before entering Paris, ESADE was ranked first as we received the most votes in the MBAT Allstar poll that should entitle our MVPs to participate in the MBAT Allstar games.

Starting the competitions & on-stage highlights

After the first games were decided on Thursday, participants dressed up for the opening ceremony. A sensational performance from our dear mascot called Leoncio – “Johann the lion king” was responsible for a particularly breathtaking highlight. Nobody had ever seen a person inhaling a cake as rich as 3,000 calories and heating the atmosphere at the same time. Similarly, our band rocked day two with a staggering show during the ‘battle of bands’. On day 3, it was on our salsa team to deliver some thrilling latin vibes on HEC’s dance floo 


Promoting the ESADE anthem & winning key disciplines

Our students’ inclusive and supportive attitude throughout the entire weekend made us to the entertaining school of the games. Not least due to our ESADE anthem #cadadiatequieromas, every participant would recognize the amazing spirit we brought to Paris. A successful finals day with wins in female and male football, golf and tennis represented a well-deserved ending of the competitions. Our women’s basketball team could only be defeated in the finals in overtime and both our climbers and billiard boys won respectable bronze medals. ESADE’s performance was further rewarded by being named ’the most socially savvy’ school of the games.

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 The ESADE MBA Students Association sends a big shoutout to all ESADEans that contributed to this unforgettable experience – you guys killed it!! We send the best wishes to #theorangewave of our friends from Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) and express our honest gratitude to adidas and SEAT, our dear sponsors of the most stylish uniforms of the tournament! Thank you!

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