Entrepreneurship Club London Trek 2016

The EClub visited the British Capital this year and had the great honor to dive into an exciting entrepreneurship ecosystem in London. During our four trek days in town, we met many professionals from both sides of the “entrepreneurship coin”. A very active mix of business events during day time enabled us to gain a detailed impression of the local entrepreneurship scene. We also met many LBS and Imperial College peers during social events in the evening hours. Joan Muni, co-founder and COO of Alterkeys and ESADE alumnus, shared his post ESADE-story during a unique Alumni Event at Windsor Castle next to LBS. To finish with style, we organized a micro-case-challenge in collaboration with LBS on Saturday in which Imperial College participated as well.

The Trek in Numbers

53 leads to follow up on

29 contacts with multiple interactions (emails, calls, LinkedIn, etc.)

9 companies/startups participated

5 business schools were involved (ESADE, LBS, Imperial College, Ivey, IMD)

29 hours of scheduled activities in less than 4 days!

26 ESADE MBAs attended EClub activities in London

26 students and 4 entrepreneurs participated in the micro case challenge

To name just some few takeways from our trek: John Kenny, from Delta Partners advised us to “not get a pitch coach“, because it is important to be yourself and tell your own story. He also addressed warning words to us: the global hype for startups is undeniable, however, there are risks for our society involved, e.g. splitting the talent, pulling it away from big corporates. This leads to the situation of three talents building rather three startups instead of working together. The chances of failure and success are obviously unequal. At Deliveroo we got not just spoiled with amazing cookies, but also received interesting insights, just like the fact that Deliveroo established such a great reputation among restaurants that this became a competitive advantage. “Part of the value proposition is the portfolio of partnerships”, Stevan Popovic. David Blake from Gust explained us the strength of “EIS” (Enterprise Investment Scheme) in the UK. This framework creates great opportunities for funders and founders. Simon Campbell from The Sandpit gave us a lecture about the business builder concept and shared thoughtful insights with us about the differences to usual VC business. One of the companies out of the sandpit is Iadbox, a mobile marketing platform th
at will change the way companies advertise in future. John Roberts explained the concept to us and took some additional time for us to share his rich entrepreneurship experiences with us. Takeaways were among others: “seek for reasons why it won’t work and solve them”, “take lowest possible cost route (bootstrap)”, and “nail your elevator pitch (make it human)”. On Friday evening we faced a storm of enthusiasm and energy when Richard Corbett invited us to his headquarter of Eyetease. The way he does opportunity identification: 1. Problem, 2. Solutions, 3. Productize, 4. commercialize.

During our jointly organized case competition on Saturday at LBS, we had the pleasure to work for four entrepreneurs on five challenges: Carbon Analytics, by Michael Thornton Eyetease, by Richard Corbett, Styloko & Printastic, by Francois Deconinck, Think Footprint, by Annette Burgard.

To build this memorial MBASA Club Trek, we worked together with ESADE Alumni, Career Service, Academics, ESADE BAN, personal contacts, LBS and Imperial College. A very THANK YOU to you all! As well, we want to thank the entrepreneurs and professionals for their highly motivating openness and collaboration!

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