ESADE E&E Club – Networking event with KIC InnoEnergy

On Tuesday, may 31st, we assisted to a Networking event, organized by KiC Innoenergy, at one of Barcelona Activa’s premises.

There, we got to know several Barcelona based startups, mostly related with energy.  We talked about their expectations and particular needs, in order to assess possible collaboration opportunities in the future.  We had stimulating conversations and got to know several compelling individuals.

KiC Innoenergy

Some of our Club members during the event

We met Oscar Villanueva, from Arrecife Systems, who is developing a turbine to generate energy through tides and oceanic currents.  He is building his first large scale prototype in order to corroborate his, so far encouraging, lab results.

Also, another of the entrepreneurs present in the event was Juan Toribio, from Textil Energy.  They manufacture flexible solar modules, which can be use to charge a myriad of portable devices.

Overall, it proved to be a fruitful experience, which help us widen our perspective of the thriving local clean teach entrepreneurial community, which is becoming bigger by the day.

KiC innoenergy event

E&E Club members working hard during the event

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