Welcome to ESADE Class of 2018!!! We’re so glad to have you here.

The Esade family is like no other, I know I’m not alone when I say that some of my most important learnings in 1st year were from my classmates. Everyone is your class has something good to share, so look, listen and take it all in. I gathered advice from my class for the women of Co 2018, here’s what we think you should know : )

Good luck with accounting!

Interact with as many people as you can. You will learn more from your classmates than from the course itself.

If you already have a goal set, set it aside and experience each subject with full enthusiasm. You will surprise yourself.Use the alumni network, they are really nice and willing to help. And don’t waste time, start interacting with them now.

Watch out for the Latinos!

Program Management are really supportive of the women in the MBA, they are your allies.

This is an international MBA, and your classmates will be used to doing things differently to you. Their perspective on equal rights for women might surprise you. Be open to learning from them and sharing your experience as well.

Don’t be afraid to take the lead. If you’re used to taking the lead, encourage a shy team-mate to try it, and support them.

Your team in Term 1 is arguably the most important, it’s the longest term with the most assignments, plus you’re still settling in. Suffice to say that you will spend a lot of time together. Take the time in the beginning to set expectations, tell them your work style – and learn their names for god’s sake!

Be on the lookout for employers who are pushing equal hiring campaigns, ask careers to get them on campus.

It is important that we deal with feminism in a judicious manner and be cautious when passing judgement. We bear the onus of bridging any divide that may exist and the first step to do that is by accepting, appreciating and acknowledging diversity in thought and opinion.

Enjoy Barcelona! I never had an issue walking home at night, but of course, always be smart.

Put your hand up in class. Do it early and get used to it. Every comment should add something to the class.

Limit travel during term 1. There are a bunch of student events that you don’t want to miss out on (Diwali, Gastrofest, etc).

Anna Kenny, WBC President Co 2017

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