Asian Business Club : Review of Events

How quickly, the MBA year flies by! For us at the Asian, Business Club, it has been a very fruitful year. For those thinking to join us, this is a timeline of events we organized and helped achieve.

Feb 2016: The year of the Fire Monkey
While millions of people across China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan and other countries ushered in the year of the fire monkey on their own terms – Esadeans celebrated the festivities at Pato Peking, alongside Barceloneta beach. The Asian Business Club organized the annual Lunar New year party, which had a fantastic turnout of more than 200 people. It was a great opportunity to showcase and share one element of the Asian tradition to our peers. The night was filled with merry making with wines from different Asian countries as well as a spontaneous karoake session. The year of the fire monkey has brought curiousity, wit and fun banter for all of us present. We hope to continue this fine tradition into the next year as well which will be the year of the fire Rooster.


Apr 2016: Denso Company Visit
In April of 2016, the Asia Business Cub had the great opportunity to visit Denso, a Fortune 500 company, thanks to a Co17 classmate.

Denso is headquarted in Japan and has 220 Group companies worldwide, including Barcelona. It generates US$40.2 billion in annual revenue. Denso is a main manufacturer for Toyota and practices the Toyoto Production System (TPS), based on just-in-time and Kaizen, which is taught in the first year of core clases during the second term. It was a perfect opportunity to put academics into practice!

We would like to thank Josep Manuel Gimenez, Alex Miralles and Alejandro Valencia at Denso for the visit and organization! We hope to continue such company visits for 2017 as well.

Oct-Nov: Singapore trek

This is probably our best achievement so far as a club. We will be heading down to the sunshine city of Singapore for about a week to visit 4 companies: Google, Linkedin, Naiise (a local start up) as well as Spotify. The itinerary for the trek was intended to balance visiting corporate as well as the spirit of smaller local start ups. A short cultural tour has also been included – so watch this space for an update! Leveraging and building on synergies between East and West is what the club strives for constantly. We sincerely hope that the next batch will be able to continue and better our work.

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