Bertelsmann´s Corporate Entrepreneur Program presentation

The Entrepreneurship Club kicked off his activities for this school´s year with a presentation from the Bertelsmann group, the biggest media conglomerate of Europe. This presentation was made following the club´s objective of promoting corporate entrepreneurs, also know as intrapreneurs: people that have the drive and desire to to build a project within a company.

The event was a major success, attracting almost 60 students from both the first and second year. During the presentation, Pamela Taylor – our guest – talked about Bertelsmann´s divisions, vision and programs. Given the big number of first year student, first she talked about internship opportunities, and later she proceeded to talk about the CE program.

The Corporate Entrepreneur Program, is an 18 months’ rotational program, very flexible and international, as it allows participant to rotate between departments and countries. It only admits 3 or 4 people a year – the competition to get it in is important – and it gives students the opportunity to develop projects on any of the divisions of Bertelsmann.

Bertelsmann is looking for people that have entrepreneurial drive and that at the same time, that can adapt to a big corporation. Participants can choose their industry of interest, and build their own projects, creating new business ideas with a lot of freedom and support

These corporate entrepreneurs receive all the information they need about each of the departments, and they also get the sponsorship of people on the executive board. And freedom is given in order for students to explore and experiment.

Entrepreneurial experience is preferred but not mandatory, What Bertelsmann is looking id for people that don´t fear taking risks and that are very passionate about industries related to the group: media, print, education, etc.

If you are interested in applying to the program, our speaker recommended doing so during October. For more information on the program, you can download the brochure at

The event finished with a networking event, where students could interact one on one with Pamela, and learn more about other opportunities in Bertelsmann.


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