Food Hackathon: Transcending Today’s Tapas

On December 17th 2016, the Design and Innovation Club, along with the Entrepreneurship Club and Hospitality Club, supported the very first Food Hackathon BCN. The event was organized by FoodInno Institute @ Stanford-Berkeley, in collaboration with ESADE Business School.

The main theme for the event was around Spain’s most famous dish, Tapas. Titled “Transcending Today’s Tapas,” the event was held in marge of the 2016 World Open Innovation Conference and saw MBA students, innovation professionals and university faculty team up to tackle the challenge.

It was a fully immersive and thrilling culinary hacking experience, during which ESADE students got to collaborate on creating, prototyping, and birthing solutions for the food industry. The results where fascinating, with teams reinventing the way Tapas are produced, serviced, marketed, or eaten. This event demonstrated how the Design Thinking process can be applied to everything, even food!

Here are some of the pictures from the event.

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