Marketing around the World!

Hello fellow Marketers! One big focus area of our club this year in addition to organising case competitions like Nespresso, is knowledge sharing and enhancing the classroom experience in the new world of Marketing. On that note, in February, we launched our new initiative called “Marketing Around the world” which are knowledge sharing sessions with Marketing leaders in key global markets, be it Brazil, India or here in Europe.

We kicked off with a guest speaker from Procter & Gamble. In the 1 hour session, we obtained  a good overview about the work of a brand manager at P&G. We covered topics such as ROI of campaigns, customer segmentation, and execution of concepts. Furthermore, we saw a recent Pampers advertisement created for the Japanese market and talked about its message as well as the process behind the creation of such an ad campaign.



The session gave our club members a great opportunity to interact with an industry expert and to build a link between the concepts that were taught in our class in Marketing Strategy and their application in daily business. We are excited to announce our second session with Celso Shimbakuro,  a senior director at PepsiCo Brazil (ex Accenture and Samsung) on revenue management and its role in Marketing. Join us for the webinar on March 28th at 6 pm and you can sign up on our Facebook page! Stay tuned here for more club news and a report on our upcoming trek to Amsterdam!

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